Mar 13, 2013

does God nap?

as i was laying Harper down for her nap she did her usual list of ploys to get one more minute of staying up. it went a little something like this,

"i gotta go potty"
"i need water"
"i need a hug"
"i want a kiss"

i quietly whispered, "no, honey it's time for nap."
her last and final plea was, "read the bible mommy." i know i know, i should never deny the child God's word, but in the moment i was just thinking she was using it to get more time up. i told her no, and that it was time to take a rest. as i was walking out of the room she asked, "God take a nap?" I smiled, and said, "yes, honey. i'm sure God would love to take a nap."

as i came down the stairs still smirking at all her cuteness i thought to myself about her question. does God nap? you know, i bet He doesn't. he is working round "our" clocks. he is always there listening, talking, teaching, healing, surprising, and holding our hands when we need Him. He doesn't take time off.

boy, am i thankful for that. i need Him 'round the clock. i call on Him multiple times a day and would be absolutely lost with out Him.
here is a song i have been listening to on repeat. it is forever reign by hillsong live

He is good, even when there is nothing good in me.

He is joy, He's the reason that i sing.

my heart will sing no other name, Jesus!!

these words are so precious to me.

i will leave you with a picture of what she should be doing right now, but instead i hear a sweet little voice muffled through the vent talking to her buddies in her bed.

 are you in need of a nap? go ahead, take rest in the fact that God doesn't nap and that he is available anytime you need!

rest up,

Feb 12, 2013

6 months

my baby is 6 months old.
i don't think i have anything else to say.
i will dry my eyes so i can finish this post.
somehow her 5 month progress picture slipped between the crack of Christmas/new year/ trying to recover from the holiday, madness.
i will just have to dig through the other 300 pictures that i took of her and pick one.
this girl. i tell ya. she has completely stolen my heart.
i knew she would. she's a mini clone of her father.
sweet as can be and laid back as they come.
i'll let the photos speak for themselves.

her cuteness can't be stopped. and harper, wanting to get in on the shoot and kiss her.

warms my heart so much. i know siblings "love" each other, but honestly these two are obsessed with each other. i don't know if i've seen other siblings like these two. i'm a proud mama!

i've got more valentine's day news. my awesome husband made some shelves for me in my dining room since i don't' have a mantle. i decided to decorate them with each holiday. 

i started with valentine's day in about oh, the third week of january. too soon? nah.

up next, st. patrick's day. i might just skipped to a "spring" mantle. 

love never fails,

Nov 7, 2012

Tatum 3 months!
i can't believe she is already 3 months old. you may be asking (or not) where her 2 month picture is?
well, you see a little bit ago my computer decided to crash and FORTUNATELY i was able to retrieve all my photos off the hard drive. (insert praising the Lord here)
so her two month photo is on the external hard drive that i had to get. i have yet to put those pictures on the new computer. so, someday i'll get that posted!

there is so much to say about this girl.

she is just the prettiest little girl. her lips. those legs to kiss on. her daddy's eyes.

she is rolling over, talking up a storm, and sleeping pretty good.

nickname: tay, sissy, sweet potatum (courtesy of boone), and sugar. oh, and pretty girl.

she is pretty easy going but if you miss a cue.. you better watch out. she will let you know.

now as much as i love doing these monthly pictures. stop making it happen so fast!!

love you pretty girl,
your momma


Oct 24, 2012

one more year under her belt

yep, it happened. this girl..

turned 2. weep with me if you will. 

the "theme" this year was colors of the rainbow, you really can't go wrong with this and the possibilities are endless.

i saw an invite online that i liked and i had my friend megan whip up a mock one. she did a fabulous job as usual.

first of all i just want to thank everyone who helped me out. many of my family helped with food. my nearest and dearest friend mind helped with preparing for the party and last minuted details. travis did anything and everything that i asked (which was a lot) done and with a smile on his face. my mom stayed up late with me one night helping with last minute details. so thank you all!

these rainbow cakes were oh so darling i just had to make them. very time consuming, but worth it!

i served very berry turkey sandwiches (my favorite) and..

fruit kabobs. courtesy of my mom.

i also served chips, and my sister made her famous candied bacon. i didn't get a picture of it because it was demolished in like 5 seconds flat. so good!

after many attempts to dip these and make a perfect white chocolate blend i gave up. that friend i was telling you about, mindi. she did them because i did not have the patience for them. so thank you! the kids loved them.

decorating was so fun. i pretty much just gathered all the stuff i thought would be cute for the theme and then started putting things together. 

i am a proud owner of 850 gum balls thanks to cash n carry. i filled up two of these apothecary vases and STILL had some left over. gum ball anyone?

the drinks were fun. once again the sky is the limit with what you can do.

the party went something like this..

we ate, made bracelets, opened presents, did cake, and did the piñata.

travis made harper a dollhouse. turned out so cute. our inspiration was my good friends over at YHL.

i call this my "poor mans piñata" but my husband says it's more like "over budget piñata." he even decorated it with the leftover hearts and circles i had. 

last but not least before the kids left all sugared up i sent them home with a favor bag.

i sewed a reusable snack bag for each kid and filled it with rainbow twizzlers. they also got a thing of play dough and on the outside was a little baggy with their name made out of recycled crayons. 

all in all it was a great party. there is nothing more i love than being surrounded by our friends and family to celebrate such an important little girl.

harper, you have taught me so much this past two years. you are more beautiful than words. i love you so much and am so thankful God chose me to be your mom. 

thanks for showing me how to love.

happy birthday sweet girl. 

your momma.

Oct 13, 2012

playing it up

so it was a little special someones birthday party today. 

miss zooey jane turned one. i just can't believe it. these kids are growing up waay too fast.

her party was a success and everything was so darling the way my sister in law had everything put together. i'm sure there will be a post coming shortly with all the details and what not. 

for her present i had seen a cute idea from the great DIYers YHL on a play kitchen that they made for their daughter. it was so cute i just had to make it. i figured since travis is making harper a dollhouse for her birthday (shh don't tell) i would make a play kitchen for zooey. correction.. travis would make zooey a play kitchen.

i started out by telling him that i was going to do the whole thing and that i would needed his help since he has been oober busy with our rental house stuff.  well turns out the man practically did the whole thing.

i was the contractor and he was my worker. (i mean that in the nicest way possible) i am really really thankful for his help and i couldn't have done it without him.

i don't have a before picture (i can't find it) but if you can just picture a wooden overhead cabinet then you can go ahead and start imagining that right now.

and this is what i turned it into.

one more angle for you.

i absolutely love it. in fact harper was having so much fun playing with it we decided to make her one for christmas! fun! well for me.

i love all the little details. travis made a shelf for the oven and we even bought a little wire rack to go inside of it as well. oh and the oven even has a little light up top. it's a battery operated push night light. 

the chalkboard side was a last minute decision but i am glad i did it. just one more little fun thing. the faucet and handle i found at a restore. the burner is made from a wire trivet which is glued onto a cork trivet. 

the play toys my friend tiana snagged up for me from MOPS. thanks T!

here are few more photos from the party. lots of cute kids running around i just couldn't resist taking their picture. 

i think my mom should have one best dressed. it was a tea party after all. 

sitting down for cupcake time

grandma and tatum


family picture for GG's 90th birthday gift tomorrow

our attempt of a family photo. fail.

the stein girls. they are so cute.

this girl is ridiculously photogenic!

all in all it was a great party. zooey is going to look back at these picture one day and realize just how much her momma loves her.

amber you did a fabulous job and i'm already looking forward to her second birthday!

going to go clean up my dining room AKA "construction zone"